Thursday, 8 December 2011

Berty the cat, very happy with this photo, evokes an "awww" response from a lot of people so it's an effective photo, taken using a Canon EOS 450D 18-55mm IS lens at 55mm shutter speed of 40/sec f/5.6 aperture and an iso of 200.

Thursday, 1 December 2011

Entrance to the church previously mentioned, or rather the pathway leading up to the entrance. Not as sharp as i'd like, if I had a tripod on me at the time i'd have used a larger f-stop to get more in sharp focus, but it's not too bad.
 Photo was shot using a Canon EOS 450D at a shutter speed of 1/60sec, f/5.6 aperture, 100 ISO and using an 18-55mm IS lens at 55mm.
For my assignment I have been given a particular area of a map, a number on a grid, I drew the number 4 which I was originally dreading since it seemed to encompass nothing other than a roundabout and I didn't really look forward to long shutter speeds and tripods. Thankfully it also encompassed an old church that I wasn't aware was there, I saw this gravestone and was instantly drawn to it. I took the photo using a Canon EOS 450D, the shutter speed was set to 1/60s, the aperture was f/5.6 and ISO 100, using an 18-55mm lens at 55mm
  Really happy with the way this photo came out, the depth of field was perfect, exactly what I wanted and the quality of the image was even better than expected when I took the image since it was an overcast day.
 Photo was not edited in any way.